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astrifurious: I noticed you moved from freedomandeyebrows! If it's okay, can I have the new url???

oh yeah sure!! the new url is avengedfreedom 

bisexualzuko replied to your post: if you ship jetko and you haven’t floa…

i tend to stay away from the fandom tbh. i do that with most of my m/m and f/f ships because in the past experience they tend to be really racist.

oh yeah, i certainly can’t blame you for that. fandom seems to do that thing where it ruins everything it touches

if you ship jetko and you haven’t float or anything by suzukiblu then who even Are you


War Children

“I don’t think you want someone like me in your group,” Lee says, stepping back, and Jet steps forward quick and grabs his wrist. 

“Believe me, you don’t know what I want,” he tells him, his eyes intent on Lee’s. On Lee’s gold eyes. “I get it, man. Dirty little secret. You think you’re the only one who’s got it? Me, I got off lucky—I take after my mom.” 

Lee blinks, and blinks again, and Jet watches him not understand and not understand and not—

“You’re Fi—?!” he starts to choke, eyes flaring wide in shock, and Jet lunges to clap a hand over his mouth and yanks him into the shadow of the nearest pillar. 

“I’m Earth Kingdom,” he says, very quietly. “Like my mom, and my dad. Not like my father. Not like your father.” 

Set of short works that will rip your heart out.

themaidontheshore: I noticed your response to the ask about Float, and if you want it (or know anyone who does), I have a copy. Just thought I'd mention it. And actually while I'm sending the message anyway, might as well tell you I really like your fic, only got a tumblr recently and it's hard to message/comment here.

ohh, do you, that’s super great!!!! i’ll publish this ask for anyone who is interested in that, then! i’m sure sharing it privately would be okay….i just don’t want it to somehow end up back on the internet without credit/author permission D:

and thank you, that’s very sweet of you to say n_n

Anonymous: ahhhhh seriously?! float was my first (and favorite) jetko fic. i really hope someone managed to save it...

i think there are some people who did manage to save it, but i think they’re probably unsure of sharing it without the author’s permission, which is totally understandable. all we can do is sit tight and hope somehow it manages to find it’s way back to us :(

Anonymous: do you know what happened to crossing/float??? It was a really epic jetko that seems to be unavailable now O_o

yeah, i think the author took it down D: IM REALLY SAD, THAT’S HONESTLY THE BEST JETKO FIC OF ALL TIME


The Lies in Ba Sing Se.


Poison in your mouth
Fandom: Avatar: the Last Airbender
Pairing: Jet/Zuko
27: rough, biting, scratch
a/n: MY BOYS….it’s been so long but i couldn’t get away with not including them in this challenge at least once

Jet always goes on and on about how much he hates fire.

Jet insists that he hates fire, but there’s so much heat burning in his eyes that it might as well just be just that—it might as well just be fire and flame that he’s spitting at him with his eyebrows pressed and his teeth grinding and ugly, ugly words ripping themselves out of his throat. His voice breaks, several times, and Zuko just stands there, staring back at him.

He’s fire, Jet is, and it’s so obvious to Zuko that he is—with every flash of his eyes it’s obvious—Zuko could tell a long time ago, that Jet was fire, when the sun hit his brown eyes and there was just a flash of gold in them, Zuko could tell, when he got so incensed about the stupidest things, that was fire; when Jet was quick and reactive and cunning, that was fire, too.

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